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  1. Hi everyone! I have made a Facebook group for those of you that got accepted into U of A and would like to join! "University of Alberta Speech-Language Pathology Class of 2021" Here is a link to the group as well: https://www.facebook.com/groups/2348531038542117/?ref=group_browse_new Thanks and have a great weekend
  2. Hi everyone! I was wondering if there was already a Facebook group for the University of Alberta SLP students class of 2021?? I would be happy to make one if there isn't already one out there. Thanks!
  3. I also got accepted into U of A!! I would love to connect with anyone else who got accepted. Send me a private message if your interested :)
  4. Hey! Goodluck my friend! Here’s hoping we both get accepted UAlberta is my first choice.
  5. Hello my fellow speechies, I am going through my application for U of A and since they revised their prerequisites I’m not sure if STATS 1000 was on the previous list?? I was going to use my PSYC 2260 because I know that for sure was on the previous list. But I would like to use my stats mark if possible. If anyone has this information I would really appreciate it. Thank you so much!
  6. Hey y’all, I’m wondering if there are any other indigenous applicants this year? I’ll be applying to Alberta, McGill, Western and McMaster. Or, any past indigenous applicant care to share their experience with application/acceptance? Thanks and good luck to everyone this year!
  7. Hi everyone! Any other indigenous students applying into the Canadian programs this year? I’m applying to U of A, McMaster, McGill and Western.
  8. Thank you so much for the information!!!! I'm going to work hard and hopefully this help! Best of luck everyone!
  9. Hi everyone! I'm a third year student looking to apply January 2019 into the SLP Masters programs. Right now I'm looking at Alberta, McGill, McMaster, Western and maybe two schools in Grand Forks. I am of indigenous ancestry and I was wondering if anyone with the same background of me would be willing to share their application experience. I do have a fairly competitive GPA but obviously nervous with such a competitive pool. I'm hoping my indigenous ancestry will help as some universities save 2 seats each year or advance indigenous students to the interview level of the application. I would love to hear from anyone who has anymore insight and is willing to share! Thanks so much guys and have a great day!
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