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  1. Hello! For Canadians, there is the SAC clinical certification exam. It's held twice per year. Whether or not this certification is "required" is dependent on the province you practice in. For example, Alberta does not require SAC certification for one to practice as an SLP.
  2. The University of Alberta holds two seats for indigenous applicants! They told us they weren't able to fill them for our year or the year prior.. but not sure about the last two application years. Good chance it will definitely increase your odds!!
  3. I had a B+ in mine! From what I've heard, the U of A averages the prereq gpa and gpa from last two years and uses that combined average to rank applications...
  4. I don't know about all of the schools, but I feel pretty confident that U of A goes straight to the wait list when someone declines acceptance.
  5. To ease your mind a little - this is very unlikely to change anytime soon. I applied two years in a row and both times the "decision" page didn't change for a month or more after I received word of their decision. Acceptances come out first via email, wait list emails come a few days afterward. Rejections go out anywhere between mid to end of April (again, via email).
  6. If I'm understanding this right... You are worries about your grades previous to subGPA right?? That shouldn't matter. I had a TERRIBLE transcript from my first year of university and still got into U of A. Ive heard similar about other universities so I wouldn't worry
  7. I agree with the poster above. I was a SLPA for five years, as well as volunteer and research experience.. what it really came down to was grades However, I'm in Canada and there's a lot less options here. It seems that the US actually DOES have programs that look at the whole package.
  8. Just to add re:transit in Edmonton.. I live by West Edmonton Mall & this (as an example) is a FANTASTIC location for catching the bus to the U of A. There's even an express bus which takes 15-20 mins (or less). The U of A includes a UPass in your tuition fees, so it may be a good option if you want to save some money on rent as the area around the university can be a bit expensive... But of course, there's more going on there
  9. Just to let you guys know.. I just got an email at around 2:30PM AB time that I'm on the wait list for U of A. It says they have sent out offer letters to 56 students, but I guess that doesn't actually mean they've finished sending out acceptance letters yet.
  10. Yeah that's interesting... I didn't know that either. It could have definitely hurt me as well, I had a rough semester when I first began college straight out of high school. I dropped out after that semester and have done a diploma and an undergrad since then.. (I'm now 30). But those bad marks definitely hurt my overall GPA.
  11. Hey guys!!! Also got a rejection today from McGill I was more or less expecting that, but still sucked to have my first response this year be a rejection. This is my second time applying and I'm feeling many of the things that have been outlined above just trying to stay positive even though it's difficult! I was trying to find an email from last year re: number of applicants to UAlberta... I cant find, but I'm pretty sure the number was more like 276, not 400. Still a jump in numbers, but not as crazy.
  12. haha wow!!! ^^^ a bit harsh!! Only 'completlely useless' in terms of application consideration (and not entirely true, for UAlberta anyway). My program was fantastic, and I would argue that it's a great alternative to grad school in a lot of ways if you just can't see yourself doing anything else and the silly grad programs won't let you in
  13. Omg seriously!?! That's so brutal Thanks for letting us know though, maybe now I can try and put it out of my mind til then...
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