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  1. Hi Everyone, I haven't seen a new SLP thread yet, but I just wanted to share with you what we are doing in the University of Alberta SLP program this month. This might be of interest to people looking to apply in our program: We are hosting our annual OASIS Conference on Saturday, September 28th, and this year our theme is: "Communication Access: Building Bridges to Participation." In our keynote and breakout sessions, we have the intent of advocating for people with communication disorders, and bringing awareness of our field to other disciplines. Apart from our yearly session about
  2. Vicki just emailed me this morning, and I finally got off of the waitlist at U of A today ?
  3. I might have read some instances like that too in other threads in the forum. I did update them about it, and one of the admin people was not sure with what the next step is as well. We shall see.
  4. Hi all! Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but here's my situation: I am waitlisted in the MSc program that I applied for, but I got offered SSHRC funding through CGS-M this year. What are the chances do you think that they would reject me even though I have the funding? I know that my acceptance of the funding offer could make a difference, but I mean what are the odds, right!?
  5. I got an offer in the school that I am waitlisted at! I’m excited to see how the next few days will unfold ?
  6. In the waiting list letter that Vicki emailed me, she said that after they decide they forward it straight to FGSR (Grad Studies admin) for processing. It takes time for the FGSR admin to update it. As well, many of the people who did get accepted will have the chance to respond to their offers from April 9 to 27, as stated in the email. I would not be worried too much if Vicki had emailed you. if it does, feel free to ask Vicki or the admin. I’m sure they will be of help to you!
  7. I got an update this morning, and it also says to wait for April 1st. Can't wait! All this waiting makes me sick
  8. Just got an email from Vicki saying that I am in the waitlist! Here's to hoping!!!!
  9. Congrats to the ones who got in at the U of A! Out of Curiosity, what are the first letters of your last names?
  10. Hey everyone! I emailed Vicki from U of A today about acceptance offers, and here's her response: "The department has sent out offer letters. The department moved back the deadline so that students had enough time to send in transcripts with fall grades. The department will send out all other letters to applicants once our quota has been reached. This may not be until May or June. Thank you." Well, I think it's back to square one again.
  11. Hi Bananis! For the last 60 credits, I think that they use the 12-point grading scale divided by 60 credits. You will also get the same calculation if you use the 4.0 scale divided by 20 courses.
  12. Wow! U of A started emailing people already!! I am tempted to email them about results, but I should probably wait. The anxiety is kicking in!
  13. Congrats you two! Did your status also change in UApply?
  14. Somebody mentioned that the calls from McGill were part of the first round of acceptances. I do hope there's another round coming up! I checked the thread last year, and some got accepted a tad later. *fingers crossed* For the mean time, if I could get myself to focus on the real world (so must every one of us who are in limbo right now)-- that would be amazing! I've been spending way too much time ruminating!
  15. I was checking my U of A application in Beartracks, and I think their deadline for other requirements (from other applicants, probably) is March 19 -- or perhaps, their deliberation is not until that day. It's so painful to wait until April ;((
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