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  1. Hello GradCafe-verse, I’m in the process of sending off applications to grad school for my MDiv. I wanted to begin correspondence here with other applicants for Fall 2020 or current MDiv students. ALL VOICES WELCOME! My intentions are not to wear a collar, in all reality, but to work in NGOs, nonprofits and public policy for social justice and global conflict transformation. Right now, I’m planning on applying to Emory/Candler, Yale, Duke, Boston University... as they all offer an MDiv with the particular focus I’m looking for. Right now, I’m not certain these are the only places to which I’ll apply. They are certainly my top choices. I’m coming in with an average GPA but an impressive CV (I attended a liberal arts school). Hoping to begin correspondence with you all!
  2. Funnily enough, my priest and I decided that divinity school may be the better option because there are so many other things I want to do outside of just being a rector of a parish. So many Episcopal seminaries are filled with students going into the priesthood as a second or third career oftentimes. I grew up with a very ecumenical background, so we decided div school with a certificate or concentration in Anglican/Episcopal studies was the best route.
  3. Hello, all! So I'm new to forum and am planning on applying for admission to divinity school in the fall for Fall of 2020. I'm reaching out to see what your experiences throughout the admission process were like. I'm only 23 and in my second year in professional life. I work in undergraduate admission. I have a pretty average undergraduate GPA but a quite expansive resume. I'm looking at YDS, Duke, Emory, SMU, Union, Wake Forest, and Iliff, specifically. I've considered Vandy and Princeton, and maybe HDS. I don't really have any resources to have the conversation with anyone near me so I'm hoping you guys can be of some support and offer advice, and stories. I've read through a lot of the spread already. Thanks, y'all! (I'm an Episcopalian from Louisiana, by the way).
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