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  1. cityslp

    NYU FALL 2019- FB page?

    Hi! Any chance you were able to find a page? I'm also starting at NYU this fall and was wondering the same thing!
  2. cityslp

    ENMU SLP Leveling Pre-req Courses

    @KEIM I was actually able to get in touch with the university but thank you so much
  3. cityslp

    ENMU SLP Leveling Pre-req Courses

    Does anyone happen to have the Articulation/ Phonology syllabus for ENMU? I'm trying to get it approved by my home institution but haven't been able to retrieve it through ENMU professors.
  4. @MC15 Thank you so much for taking the time to go into detail! That was actually really helpful and I completely get what you mean about feeling like it's a good fit. Both times I visited I also felt "good vibes." I'm still making my decision but it's nice to hear someone else's perspectives and congrats on picking Northeastern!
  5. Hi everyone, I am currently having the hardest time choosing between NYU and Northeastern's SLP programs. Ultimately I know it will be up to me to make the choice, but I would genuinely appreciate any advice or information you could provide on either of the programs. With the deposit deadline quickly approaching I would love to hear about others experiences picking or attending either school. Or even on how you decided between two very similar programs. Thank you!
  6. cityslp


    I am also considering NYU and am attracted to a lot of their research/ study abroad opportunities. However, I'm having difficulty justifying the 5-8 semester timeline. How do other people applying to NYU feel about the length? I would also love to hear your guys pro/ con lists
  7. cityslp

    Any opinions?

    I'm currently in a similar situation deciding between Boston and NYC programs. Just curious, where did you end up?

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