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    Chemistry: physical and inorganic
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    2019 Fall
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    Inorganic Chemistry
  1. xrayspectra

    To decide between schools!!!

    + Prices here in Switzerland are insane, so not sure if the scholarships are comparable Unless you'll live on the French side and drive 1h to and back every day.
  2. xrayspectra

    To decide between schools!!!

    I would prefer UCLA over EPFL, but mostly because I like the US style of life more than Swiss one And I believe you'll get more scientific connections in the US. It may take more time to complete your PhD there though. But if you love skiing, definitely go for Lausanne *_*
  3. xrayspectra

    Oxford scholarships (Ertegun/Clarendon etc.) 2019

    Just saw someone from Politics got one (he/she posted it in the results section). Nothing yet for other divisions though...

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