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  1. skumari

    Chemical Engineering Ph.D. admission for Fall'19

    any updates ? on your application?
  2. skumari

    To decide between schools!!!

    Yes I understand your point. Have been living in Swiss for a year now so know the living costs. But isnt LA a bit expensive too. They are giving me 31k/year But the prof there is pretty awsm I really like his work.
  3. skumari

    To decide between schools!!!

    Yes, I understand what you say..location really doesn't matter to me as long as I have some friends to hang out with. The professor and research in the group which has accepted me in UCLA is really flourishing and so I am more inclined to UCLA in that sense but on the other hand, the stipend in UCLA is the bare minimum and in EPFL they really give you more than enough. I am also looking at the job prospects after I do a Ph.D. from either UCLA or EPFL. I think that UCLA would have more job aspects but I am still not sure about this. Reputation wise I think both are the same. So, if anyone can help me figure out the other things it would be really helpful.
  4. skumari

    PhD Applicants Fall 2019: Accepted Offers

    Hello!! UCLA anyone?
  5. Hello Everyone! I am a bit worried to decide between schools. My background is computational chemistry and computational material science and I been accepted into the following schools : 1) UCLA-Chemical Engineering 2) EPFL-Chemistry and chemical engineering 3) Oxford-Chemistry (still waiting for funding ) I am a bit distressed about what to choose. Can you please help me out here? Any kind of help would be very appreciated! Thank you so much in advance!

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