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  1. Olong

    Erasmus Mundus Applications 2019

    What does "conditional to the EACEA council" actually entail? Does anyone know of any cases when the scholarship was ever turned down by them?
  2. Olong

    Erasmus Mundus Applications 2019

    Congrats @ElXolo !! I also got the full partner country scholarship to EPS!
  3. Olong

    Erasmus Mundus Applications 2019

    @DerÜbermensch Anything new on your end for EPS? Where did you see the results on the portal? Thanks for your help!
  4. Olong

    Erasmus Mundus Applications 2019

    Just a shout in the dark again, but has anyone heard back from EPS (European Politics and Society) today? They said that they were releasing the results today and sending out emails but I haven't heard anything and nothing on my admission's page has changed. @ElXolo did you already hear back? Good luck to everyone!
  5. Olong

    Erasmus Mundus Applications 2019

    Hey there! I also applied to EPS and am anxiously waiting it out (like many people here, I presume ). When I go on the Charles University website, it still says that my status is "registered by the international admissions office". I just wanted to check if we're still talking about the same portal! Worst comes to worst, I'll just wait out another two days

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