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  1. Hi All, I'm a journalist and current grad student. I'm writing a story about choosing to go to school during the coronavirus and I'm hoping to speak to someone who is willing to share their experience and why you chose to go/apply to graduate school.
  2. Did you ever decide what school to go to? Thoughts on your choice? I'm currently entertaining scholarship offers from Columbia, Cuny and Northwestern. I switch my mind on a daily basis which one to go to, but I am leaning on CUNY because it's slightly cheaper and I liked the program better. Northwestern is currently reevaluating my award so they may come back with additional money, the only issue is that I haven't been able to visit them. My pros and cons list on very similar to yours and I even am in the same concentration but I'm sure I want to specialize in Investigative/Social Justice
  3. What about between CUNY without aid and Columbia with enough aid to make it slightly cheaper option than CUNY.
  4. what school did you end up choosing and why?
  5. Did you decide? I'm in the same boat but with Northwestern thrown in.
  6. What made you choose Columbia? I got a partial scholarship to Columbia and Northwestern and northing at CUNY. But CUNY open house was worlds better than Columbia so it's making me want to choose them. Still trying to decide.
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