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  1. I saw that you guys all got some great offers .... Undergrad degree: Communication major in LA Undergrad GPA: 3.12 I screw up at GMAT: 550, MATH 49, 4AWA, 7IR 6 years work experience, 3 years involving website analysis and SEO Got rejected from most U like UCDavis, UCIrvine, UCSD....etc and I applied UMiami late that they refer me to MSF I know it's hard for my GMAT score and lack of CS background but didn't know it would be that painful.... right now I only got CSU East bay Business Analytics offer still waiting San Jose State ... Any bay
  2. Anyone still waiting for SJSU MS Data Analytics program? My status is still "referred to Grad department" like forever.... I got a msg on 5/1 that "According to our records, your file has been referred to the department. At this time your application is under department review. The Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations Office is not involved in this phase of the review and will not be able to provide any additional information about your status while you are referred to the department. We want you to know that we do not have specific updated information to provide because depa
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