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  1. I have declined at the University of New Hampshire and the University of Cincinnati so far!
  2. I think the ETS score is a lot closer than the Magoosh score. I would recommend taking an ETS practice test which I found to be very close to my actual scores (I did the PowerPrep Plus 3 Test).
  3. I would recommend Gregmat! I also had Magoosh, but honestly found Greg to be much more helpful! He goes through a lot of problems (math and verbal) step by step and gives you tricks to make it a little less terrible. He also has great writing videos. https://www.gregmat.com/ I also second taking an ETS practice test. I shelled out $40 for the ETS PowerPrep Plus 3 and the results were close to my actual test scores.
  4. Hi @catcobb! I am an anthropology major, so we are in a similar boat as non-SLP applicants. I don't think it will hurt your chances at all, as long as you have a decent GPA and GRE scores and some experience. Not necessarily experience in CSD, but just extracurricular stuff in general. When writing my SOP, I made sure to relate the classes I have taken to SLP and how they would make me a better clinician in the future. I didn't have professors that I knew really well, but found a professor I wanted to ask. I didn't just want to stop in and put her on the spot or catch her off guard so I sent an email too. I basically said that I wanted to schedule a meeting to discuss if she would be willing to write me a letter of recommendation. I said I was going to stop in, but I knew how busy the start of a semester can be and I didn't want to catch her at a bad time or put her on the spot. I also said that I had a packet prepared that included the schools I am applying to and why, a draft of my personal statement, my resume, and academic transcripts/information and if she was willing to schedule a meeting what times/days worked best for her. She emailed me back the next day saying she was happy to and that I could just send in the information electronically and didn't even need to meet with her. I thought it would have been weird to send an email saying that I wanted to meet with her, but not say what it was about. A lot of professors know that this is the time when students are asking for LOR, so they are expecting it anyway. Hopefully this helps!
  5. @jsieges Thanks for the book recommendation, I'll definitely take a look at it! You can send me your personal statement if you want and I'll take a look at it!
  6. Hi everyone! I will be applying to grad schools this coming semester. Like most people, I am stressing about my personal statement and what should/should not be included, whether the format is okay, and how terrible my grammar is. That being said, I wanted to offer to read other people's personal statements! I don't know if its something anyone is interested in, but the offer is there if it is! Just send me a personal message and I'll try to get it back shortly after. Thanks and good luck to everyone applying!
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