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  1. We have created a WhatsApp group for DAAD scholarship hopefuls, kindly inbox for further details.
  2. Guys!, we have created a WhatsApp group for waiting it out, interested persons can inbox me for further information.
  3. This fact is known by all good candidates, therefore they end up making Willy Brandt School as their 1st preference. Fir example, like you, me and others on the group.
  4. Willy Brandt is toughest to get in my opinion, do you guys have relevant research publications?
  5. Guys we should create a WhatsApp group?
  6. How important is GPA in DAAD scholarships?
  7. I have applied for the Helmut-Schmidt-Programme and waiting for the results. I applied to only one university, i.e, Willy Brandt School of Public Policy.
  8. I also applied to Willy Brandt School of Public Policy. It's the very good and competitive.
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