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  1. Finally heard back from all my schools! Program Applied To (MPA, MPP, IR, etc.): MPP (specifically quantitative programs) Schools Applied To: UChicago Harris MSCAPP, Carnegie Mellon Heinz MSPPM-DA, Duke Sanford MPP, UMichigan Ford MPP Schools Admitted To: Harris MSCAPP ($$), Heinz MSPPM-DA ($$$), Sanford MPP ($$$), Ford MPP ($) Schools Rejected From: Still Waiting: Undergraduate Institution: Research University in US Undergraduate GPA: 3.65 Undergraduate Major: Economics/Public Health GRE Quantitative/Verbal/AW Scores: Q: 163, V:164, AW: 5 Years Out of Undergrad (if applicable): 3 when starting Years of Work Experience: 3 Describe Relevant Work Experience: I work as an economic consultant with a focus on labor economics. I do a lot of statistical programming and econometrics. Also work as a volunteer on a sexual assault hotline. Strength of LOR's (be honest, describe the process, etc) Honestly have no idea. One economics professor from undergrad that I took many classes from, TAed for, and wrote my thesis under. Two partners at my firm who I work with- one economics PhD, one political science PhD. They both wrote them on the due date for all schools which was a little nerve-wracking but I am sure they were nice. Other: Went to the accepted students day at Harris and really loved it. The professors and professional staff there seem amazing and it looks like I would be able to do the MSCAPP program and take classes in health policy which is what I want. Since all the other accepted students days are the same weekend, I am probably only going to additionally visit Heinz. It is hard to turn down not going into debt though… My decision will probably hinge on if Harris increases their offer, we will see.
  2. Yes it was the usual admissions portal and just now has something at the top called "Status Update" right above "Application Checklist". Then when I clicked on the "Status Update" link it took me to a page saying I got in and scholarship info. I weirdly didn't get an email or anything first but it looks like some other people did so not sure what's up with that. I applied to the MSPPM-DA program if that helps.
  3. Same- such a nice surprise!
  4. Randomly checked my portal yesterday and I got in!
  5. I also applied (for the MSCAPP program)!
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