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  1. I also received an offer from Hunter yesterday. It is my top choice and I would have to take out loans as an out of state student. I am wondering whether it would be wiser to move to NY and live and work there for a year so I can get in-state tuition before enrolling. Although I am still debating, I think that I am probably going to commit for the spring (most likely) and try to work as much as I can during the fall semester.
  2. Just had my Hunter interview, but it was a cut a bit short (they are really scrambling to get to all of the other applicants who haven't gotten a call). The interview started a bit late and was 15 minutes instead of 30. I think most of the missed calls above may be because they are just really behind with everything that is happening. Hoping for the best!
  3. I was wondering if anyone can speak to visiting a school for an in-person interview vs. doing it over Skype? I got an interview request that claimed that this decision did not impact their final decision, but this school is my top choice and I feel like meeting with faculty/grad students in person may be more memorable or relay a degree of commitment. Another benefit is that I would get to visit the area and get a better feel for the facilities. However, I would have to miss a few days of class (still in undergrad) and drop some serious money.... does it make a difference?
  4. Currently attending for undergrad, I know some departments have def made decisions for interviews, not completely sure if they've reached out yet (this was recent)
  5. I also just got an interview request from Hunter for combined Media !!!!
  6. Still waiting on responses from Hunter College combined media and Brooklyn College painting....
  7. I was waiting to see if this thread got more activity, excited that it is! I am currently in my senior year of undergrad working toward a BFA in Painting and Drawing, but I mostly work in combined media and installation. I am trying to figure out if this is the right time for me to apply, or if I should take some time off to solidify my practice outside of an academic setting. However, I am still going to give it a shot for the Fall semester. I make installations that use personal and found domestic items - linens, clothing, furniture and food ingredients. Thematically, I focus on family histories and how they fit into a broader context of history, usually erased histories. My practice and research come together through a process of altering the surfaces of objects I did not make in order to reinvent them or give them a new meaning. (I am also in the process of writing my personal statement, so I am sorry if this makes 0 sense). I am including a list of schools that I am interested in applying to, but I am definitely going to cut it down to 2-3 schools: - UNM Albuquerque -Virginia Commonwealth University -Yale -Hunter College -Tulane -Bard -Columbia -SVA If anyone knows something about these schools, or knows someone that attended, lmk. I'll post my portfolio as soon as that is a thing that exists in one place. Good luck to everyone!
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