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  1. I got their decision early march and they had their admitted students day march 30 and i declined April 1. Hope that helps!
  2. I got into Columbia yesterday-- they sent me an email telling me to check the application portal.
  3. Ah Congrats! Had my interview with them two days ago and totally bombed. Mostly technical difficulties that cut my interview to 10 minutes so I was feeling slightly frazzled 🙈
  4. Hello! I received an interview offer for today for U of Wash for the following 4 Tuesdays. Hope this is helpful!
  5. I think NYU, WashU or University of Washington? I really want to do research in implementation science in community mental health settings and these seem like the best fit. But really, I just want to get into one school 😰. My GRE scores were pretty average and I don't have any publications (although two currently in submission). I'm just playing the waiting game for now and it's torture!
  6. Ah, sorry for the delay. I had a few come up yesterday-- all submitted though. I ended up applying to U of Washington and Berkeley as well. Fingers crossed!
  7. Hi, I am also applying! NYU, Columbia, WashU, BU, and UPenn. Good luck!
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