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  1. Lmao nice name! Anecdotally from one of my friends who now attends he said around 60-70% but dunno if his info is accurate. Also could vary year to year
  2. I got an interview from Columbia. Interview weekend Feb 20-22, email seemed like mass email from the dept chair. I’m a domestic student. Shaking!!
  3. Did many others receive UPenn interview? I see one on results. I also see Columbia masters interview — did anyone receive one for masters leading to phd?
  4. Did everyone who got an interview to stanford get a skype/zoom interview? Have any on campus invites been sent?
  5. I literally felt the same way until today man... it was literally the first time I stopped worrying about it since the new year and I got the email. I hope the invite's coming for you
  6. Yes, it is an interview for Feb 13 to 14. However, my friend got an invite for Feb 14 to 15. They also may not be done sending invites, so hold tight. My friend received his interview email about a week ago whereas I just got it now. They were sent by the coordinator of graduate affairs. Edit: also as you mentioned above the process may be different for international students. My friend and I are both domestic students and much of the interview invite discusses travel arrangements and hotels.
  7. I had correspondence with a professor. He told me that interview days are Feb 20-21, and the committee just met Friday (1/17) to discuss who to invite for interviews. The invites will go out shortly for domestic applicants (1-2 weeks). I really hope I get one as I haven't heard anything yet and most schools I applied to have already sent out interviews...plus the research fit is perfect
  8. This. Trying not to be too anxious but really praying that I hear back before the end of January (wow, that seems so far away)
  9. Oh damn. Congrats! Do you care to share a short profile about yourself?
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