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  1. Just some approximate numbers and points: (Hey friends, please edit or complete this list, it can be really time-saving and helpful for the next year applicants) Yale : 36k guaranteed for 5 years with a responsibility of 2 semester TAship Harvard: 36k guaranteed for 4 years with 1 semester TA responsibility (Hopeful2020PhD please correct me) Brown: 36K guaranteed for 5 years, but all semesters should be RA or TA from the first semester UCSF: almost 40k stipend for 4 years Hopkins: Just tuition is guaranteed for 4 years, if get funded, almost 24k per year Penn State Uni: 31k stipend (not sure about duration) Tulane: 25k per year (not sure about duration) UPenn: 34k per year (not sure about duration) Emory: >30k (not sure about duration) BU: >30k (not sure about duration) UofMinnesota: 24-25k (not sure about duration) Some top-ranked places in which it's possible to get admitted but without funding at least in the first semester(s): JHU - Columbia - Uni of Washington - Pittsburgh - UNC(?) In my viewpoint--regardless of ranking, reputation, fit, and etc--just based on living expenses, years of guarantee, stipend, and responsibility: Yale and Brown are offering the best funding package among top 15 public health schools.
  2. Mine is also under review. Honestly, I'm praying to be rejected to officially accept the Brown offer
  3. Can I ask you for what program and track?
  4. The same feeling, exactly! No empathy no motivation, just formal questions and answers. I didn’t like it. For me, It seemed that they care more about their production rate. Nevertheless, they would release the decisions this Monday.
  5. Unofficially, Yes The only event which could make me think again is a reasonable offer from Hopkins, which It seems impossible.
  6. Wow, so happy for you You really deserved this. So See you soon
  7. Oh thanks. Could u please send me his/her email?
  8. How did you become notified? By email? Or checking portal?
  9. I didn’t get your point. Can you elaborate on that? JHU expects 20 hours commitment even if they don’t provide funding? or it was the WHO expectation? As an international student, how can we work off-campus (like WHO)?
  10. Such a fantastic set of information 👍 I’m almost done with my decision, but still curious to know what will happen with Hopkins! I’m just sure that it’s not reasonable to accept any offer with doubt about funding. PhD by itself can be sometimes frustrating, but with funding-related concerns, it might become a nightmare!
  11. I didn't apply there, but talked with a current student. She told me last year just a very few number become funded by school's fellowship. In fact, the majority of their PhD students succeed in receiving funding through doing RAship for the faculty who have personal grants. I think you should approach to their faculty one by one to find a mentor with personal grants.
  12. Yesss, Congratulations ✌️ See you in Brown
  13. Sooo happy for you. Congrats 👍👍 Honestly, I was thinking a lot of times about your situation because you had just applied to one program, so risky, but it worked, fantastic👌
  14. First, I received an email from a professor (not my POI), and 1 hour later, received an email from Brown GSAS to login and check the admission result.
  15. Thank you so much my friends for your support This forum is a true relief for us. Thanks to thegradcafe 👍
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