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  1. Tables, I don't attend UMass, but I'm also on the waitlist and spoke with a few students via email in the last couple of days about the climate there. All of them have said, more or less, that the culture there is collegial and supportive. A couple said they couldn't say enough good things about the relations between faculty and grads, and amongst the grads themselves. I realize I may be providing you with information that may cause you to choose UMass should you get off the waitlist before me, and that this would be to my detriment, but I wanted to share just in case this helps provide you with some clarity for this very important decision.
  2. Underlabourer, I believe UC may have sent out just the first bunch of acceptances, but that's based on the fact that I've only seen two acceptances posted so far. The acceptance was a direct email from their DGS. My AOI is philosophy of mind and cognitive science. I just checked my application and it shows that I applied for the philosophy PhD, but I am interested in the life sciences track. I can't remember what the application process was to apply for the latter, but given that my application specifies the philosophy PhD, it may be that either I didn't apply for the life sciences track directly or that it groups all philosophy PhD applications under one application title, in which case I could have applied for the life sciences track but it doesn't indicate so on my application. Thanks for the congratulations!
  3. I can claim one of the U. of Cincinnati acceptances, and I think the other is claimed on the FB group!
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