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  1. That's great to hear about USF. I know a couple people down there and have heard good things about the program!
  2. I heard from Penn State (Mass Comm) over the weekend and then received an email with more info just today. Invited to their open house/interview days in February.
  3. Thanks for clarifying! Just got my interview invitation email for the media and communication program! I applied for the communication doctoral program at USF. Are you also applying there?
  4. Congratulations!!! Just to clarify, did you apply for the Communication program or the Media and Communication program?
  5. I am applying to six universities. I think it's just a matter of how many institutions you're actually interested in pursuing and how much time you want to spend applying. As far as the GRE, the writing is the worst part for me. I retook it this fall and got a 4.0 again. My verbal is high and my quant is pretty good, but I think the GRE is usually considered as just one of multiple factors (and is perhaps not a super important one?) institutions look at in determining whether or not they want to offer admission. Best of luck on all your applications!
  6. That's great!! I'm also applying to UNC at Chapel Hill, University of Florida, Rutgers, Penn State, and University of South Florida.
  7. That's awesome!!! Congratulations!! Looking forward to visiting campus during their visit days.
  8. Oh wow, good to know! Thanks for sharing that. I was shocked to see a decision so early. Best of luck to you as well!!! As far as my background, I graduated in 2018 with my MA from Purdue in communication. Since graduating, I've been working at a media-related nonprofit. My thesis research was a content analysis of television sitcoms from 1950-2009 looking for paternal social support given to children. I'm interested in the intersection of family and entertainment media, so I was really excited by the number of faculty at OSU studying similar areas. What's your area of interest?
  9. Well, I just logged into my Ohio State applicant account (even though I know it's way too early to see a decision) and was shocked to see that my status had changed to "decision" and I've been admitted! It seems super bizarre to me though, and I was curious if anyone else is seeing the same thing. I haven't received any word from them (through email, phone, etc.) regarding the decision, and the application was only due last Sunday (12/1). Seems too good to be true and kinda freaking out that it's a mistake lol. Anyone have any similar reports?
  10. Anyone else out there applying to media-focused communication doctoral programs? I've submitted to Ohio State, Penn State, UNC, Rutgers, University of South Florida, and will be applying to University of Florida. I know Ohio State and UNC's deadlines were/are this week, so curious if anyone else is applying there.
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