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  1. Serious question: unemployed applicants, what do you all do while you wait? Do you apply for jobs, do you not apply for jobs, do you build skills...
  2. If you are late to get rejected does that mean anything? Is it more favorable than being rejected immediately?
  3. Hello all, Having just completed my PhD applications, I am choosing a few schools for masters applications. I would like some recommendations. My favorite program currently is QMSS at Columbia University because it offers a decent data science education with statistics courses, programming, but also prepares me for a PhD in Political Science. I want a program that will help next years poli-sci PhD apps, but also improve my professional prospects for work in policy/M&E research. I already have a years experience running studies for an M&E firm in the third world. - QMSS at C
  4. Thanks for the BFB for the response. More perspectives would certainly be welcome. In particular I have found a diversity of opinion about whether you should apply to schools where professors don't share your interests. It's frustrating because I don't think my seminar papers were very good, but this article I did write myself. In seminars and honors thesis professors read their student's drafts and give comments, so the only difference (as I see it) is the publishing itself. That's just my frustration, I understand how an admissions committee may simply not read it that way. I doubt I'l
  5. Oh Great and Powerful BFB, I have a few questions, now that my first cycle is starting to wind down. 1. In my senior year I failed a course. Thinking I had dropped the course I ceased attending, as the class was additional to my graduation requirements. Otherwise, my GPA would have been a 3.5, but because of the failure my final GPA was 3.35. How should I approach this issue in my applications? 2. I never wrote a senior thesis paper in my undergrad. Instead after graduation I found a coauthor and a research gap and I lead authored a research paper in a well-regarded (impact fact
  6. Hi! I can't tell you how you'll do in the application process because I am in it too. Honestly, I have no idea how it works other than the many contradictory things people say on the website. But I share your feelings of uncertainty, just wishing you new what to do to make up for the problem in your application. Best of luck, I hope that knowing we are in it together helps.
  7. Felt admisable, might delete later. Unusual profile. Undergrad GPA is weak but my research experience, publications and references are strong. Type of Undergrad Institution: Oberlin College Major(s)/Minor(s): Political Science and Physics Undergrad GPA: 3.35 (would have been a 3.5 but failed a course senior year because of clerical mistake) MA: none GRE: 180 V, 171 Q, 4.5 Languages: Arabic (professionally proficient, lived in the Mid East 2 years now) Teaching: none Publications: I am currently publishing two articles. The first is a political geog
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