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  1. I know I am terribly late but I am pursuing the Children's and Family Route. I was originally interested in the School specialization but I spoke with my field adviser and she further explained it which made me realize I want to go the children's and family specialization.
  2. Yes! I do believe you should be fine being admitted to the programs of your choice. Granted, I do not know the requirements for each of your schools but I had a relatively similar stats and I have been admitted. I would say MSW programs are not as rigorous when it comes to GPA requirements but you definitely need to offset it with experience or anything to counteract the lower GPA. Thankfully you have some experience working in a mental health/counseling area if that is something you are trying to pursue.
  3. Hi Everyone! I created this topic to just introduce anyone who is accepted their admission to UIC, contemplating on accepting admission, or pending acceptance! Ask away and I hope to meet some of you all starting Fall 2020!
  4. Hi Everyone! I have been stalking this forum ever since I applied and even talked in here a couple of times! I just wanted to drop in and say hey and let everyone know what was going on! I am from Florida and I am relocating to Chicago as I accepted to go to UIC. I literally applied on Dec 1st but my app was not finalized until the 2nd as I was waiting on my last LOR to come back. I was so overwhelmed because it was past the deadline date to submit but I called and they stated they extended the deadline. *whew* I got my notification via email on Dec 24th stating I was admitted! Literally best Christmas present ever. :)))) I have not received any scholarship info yet and I called the college and they stated they will not award till March. I have already been speaking with my field placement adviser to set up my internship for the 1st year. I am super stoked bc literally I intended to apply to three other universities (UChicago, Howard Uni & FSU) but I decided not to because I got into UIC. Let me know if you all have any questions and congrats to everyone getting into their universities so far!
  5. Which schools do you feel as though you will gain the most experience/insight into the field and why? I am currently applying to a couple of universities and this forum has really helped me out with gaining an interpretation of how each program is similar and different. I.E. One of the schools I am applying to is definitely more social advocacy and theory based but I want to learn more about counseling and etc.
  6. When do you receive the notification about receiving an acceptance towards UIC? I literally just submitted mind and I am anxiously awaiting for a response already.
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