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  1. Has anyone heard from Harvard BIG or MIT CSB? Trying to confirm if i've been rejected or not lol.
  2. Here's my update I: wustl DBBS, NYU comp bio UCLA Bioinformatics, UMASS Rejection: University of washington in waitT: tri i harvard big mit csv does anyone know by any chance if interviews arre still being given for tri-i and big?
  3. here's where i'm at: I: WUSTL DBBS (comp and sys bio) UCLA Bioinformatics NYU Vilceck (comp bio track) UMASS R: university of washington genome sci no result yet .. 😐 harvard bioinformatics and integrative genomics MIT computational and systems biology TRI-i computational biology and medicine
  4. i got an interview from Washu DBBS last week
  5. Hi everyone Here's where i am at interview wise washu csb interview umass interview harvard big ? mit csb ? nyu ? tri i cbm ? bu ? ucla ? washington gs ? has anyone else heard from the schools i havent heard from? im starting to get nervous...
  6. I agree it would be nice to have a thread specifically for 2021. I am applying to washington genome sciences tri i computational biology MIT CSB harvard BIG berkely Computational Biology washu comp bio nyu bioinformatics ucla bioinformatics bu bioinformatics umass comp bio
  7. Applying to phd programs in computational biology undergrad: top small liberal arts college major: Computational Biology and History double major overall GPA:3.91/4 type of student: domestic male GRE: Q:166 V:165 W: 5.5 research: 1 year as undergrad research assistant => 1 poster presentation 1 summer research fellowship => 2 posters, 1 first authored, peer-reviewed pub in mid-tier journal honors thesis senior year in review for publication spent last year as bioinformatician in research lab => 2 pubs, nth author awards dean
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