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  1. Thanks for sharing! Hope you hear some good news soon!
  2. I am also waiting to hear from GW DrPH in Global Health. I heard through a friend that DrPH interview invites should be going out by next week, though this person couldn't comment specifically on the global health track. Between hearing that and @SrirachaC's post above, it sounds like we should at least know if we have an interview by the end of next week. If I hear anything I will be sure to let you know, and fingers crossed for us both!
  3. Nope, I actually saw the notification that you responded and was hoping maybe you heard some good news. 😔 If we don't hear by the 14th I may reach out... I have to decide if I am resigning my lease by the end of this month; just a little added time crunch!
  4. Has anyone heard anything regarding interviews from University of Washington? I applied to the Global Health program but it has been radio silence since I recieved the "application complete" email back in November 🙁
  5. I haven't. It's odd because looking at results from previous years people reported having interviews around this time, but there are no results posted for 2019 so I am not sure if that is still accurate. I will be sure to let you know if I do hear. Fingers crossed for us both!
  6. If there is anyone waiting to hear from the International Health program at JHU check your portal. I applied to the global disease epidemiology and control track and had a final decision pop up this morning ☹. Good luck to everyone else who applied!
  7. Normally for Yale its 1 student per department each year at a minimum and then, if there is additional funding available, potential supervisors will put forward additional students for funding so you may get a few extra in each department.
  8. Hi everyone, Just wondering if anyone else on here is waiting to hear back from the DrPH in Global Health program at George Washington? I got a confirmation email from them mid-December but have not heard anything since. Best of luck to everyone and hope we all hear some good news soon!
  9. Same here, I haven't heard anything. If you don't mind me asking, did you apply to any other Global Health specific programs? Just wondering as I haven't seen many others on here that have!
  10. No, nothing from Emory. It's the only program I haven't heard from. From looking at previous years it seems like they send out interviews during the first few weeks of January so maybe that will be the first time we (hopefully) hear from them.
  11. Same here! I applied to Johns Hokpins, UWashington, Harvard, and GW for global health/PHS, and Emory for epi. I am super anxious as well! I saw some people heard back right after the new year last year which I was not expexting. At least it seems we might know more sooner rather than later. Can't wait to see where everyone ends up and wishing you all the best!
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