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  1. Yeah, on my application it still says "documents pending" because of the GRE scores. But when I spoke to the POI (and admissions) she said she had them. UofT also doesn't receive scores electronically, they get paper copies from ETS and then hand transcribe them. Why? Who knows.
  2. I heard back from UofT this week (Skype interview), though I emailed the PI before applying. She said it's likely going quiet for the next few weeks, unless profs want to send emails over break. Probably picks up again in January. UofT was late getting to applications this year because ETS was dragging their ass with sending the GRE scores.
  3. I got an (informal) acceptance the the University of Nevada, Reno Neuroscience PhD program. I don't know why they made the offer so early. Has anyone else heard anything from UNR? I think I am an outlier.
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