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  1. Hello! Tha GradCafe has a limit of just five people in a group conversation, so we created the Facebook group that everyone can join : )
  2. Hello, fellow applicants! Tha GradCafe has a limit of just five people in a group conversation, so right now we are thinking about the alternatve, like WhatsApp or Telegram. If you have the best option on mind, you are free to start a group chat somewhere and invite all of us yourself😊
  3. Hello! We've started a group chat here, on the GradCafe😊 Please tell me if you wanna join!
  4. I'd be happy to participate, great idea : ) but where should we start it?
  5. Hello everyone! I applied for the DAAD master's scholarship in the field of Language and Cultural studies this year, and even though it's just the end of December, I am checking my email every week to find an interview or another confirmation message from DAAD there😅 My application status on the DAAD portal is also "Application submitted", but I submitted my application pretty late, on 12th of November with the deadline being on 15th. I haven't received any emails or messages after that at all... I hope everything is alright🙏 I am happy that I found this forum with fellow scholarship applicants, discussion and sharing make it so much easier to wait!
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