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  1. The GPA Summary got me, too! That was a pretty quick fix, though, given I'd already compiled that information for the supplemental form. I also thought it strange that there hadn't been any clear info provided about it on the website. Good point re: them reviewing apps regardless of subject scores. I hadn't thought of that...tis the season of overthinking everything application-oriented 🙃. Thank you!
  2. Funny, the program I was referring to is also UMB. They also told me the extra time spiel, then kept sending me those automated emails that my application wasn't complete and wouldn't be reviewed. I asked them to check if it was received and just in the pool of things to process, and they said it hadn't been received. Hopefully resending the scores will solve the issue! Did your scores eventually get processed? They're my #1, so it was just disappointing to think they may not be on top of things.
  3. Has anyone had any issues with programs losing your GRE scores? Sent my GRE scores beginning of November, the program processed by general GRE scores, but said they didn't receive the subject score...which was sent at the same time (in the same order as the general GRE scores). I resent the subject scores but am freaked out about how this will impact my application, even though I sent them and it appears to be an error on their end.
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