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  1. Rejection from UMichigan... wish you guys the best!
  2. Thank you for the information! I haven’t heard anything from them, so I guess I’ll just have to wait for the rejection email to come... But let’s not lose hope
  3. That would be great, thanks! And hope all goes well with you :))
  4. I’m getting a bit impatient... anyone heared from UMichigan or NYU?
  5. Just wondering, is there anyone applying for joint PhD History and Middle Eastern Studies at NYU? Have you heard anything? The waiting is killing.... 😣
  6. Heyyy I’m glad to see this post while waiting nervously everyday. I applied for PhD History/Middle Eastern Studies at NYU! And now hoping to hear at least something from people who applied for the same program ! :))
  7. I've been thinking about my application and, finally, saw this thread. I submitted my application for PhD. (Near)/Middle Eastern Studies, and only applied for NYU and Michigan. My BA was Middle Eastern Studies, now doing my MA (one year), Middle Eastern Studies as well. Have been studying Arabic for three years, and just started Turkish in September. Don't know if there's anyone applying for same/similar programs?
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