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  1. Just took my GRE: How slim are my chances? Applying for the following schools: • Nevada State College • University of Arizona • University of Northern Iowa My stats: GRE: QR | 144 VR | 140 AW | TBA [Taken 12/31/19] GPA: Major: 4.0, cumulative: 3.9 Experiences: • Worked as a tutor at college (1 year) • Shadowed SNF SLP (1 month) • NSSLHA Chapter president (1 year) • Trilingual: Tagalog, English, American Sign Language I'd appreciate the feedback and the advice you guys can give me. The deadline for the schools I am applying for is on January 15th, so I really don't have a chance to take the GRE again. I just wanted to know how slim my chances are with these things I'm bringing into my application.
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