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  1. @kvek, Thanks for taking the time to email them/let us know. I'm bracing myself for a difficult start to next week now. Best of luck with Indiana and Oregon, though!
  2. I was just admitted to Purdue's M.A. program! I'm very excited, especially since the people I've been in contact with have seemed to be very encouraging and align with my interests well.
  3. I'm curious -- are there any other CompLit M.A. applicants here? I'm curious to see where you all have applied/when you start hearing back from places.
  4. Because I appreciate coping through music and the songs that you all have collected here, I figured I'd add my own few entries. I hope these help with the process, or, at the very least, they keep you distracted from refreshing the results pages for a moment. "Wait" - The Beatles (doesn't have anything to do with admissions, but the title fits the theme, and I have a nostalgia for this band that makes me feel better) "Tired of Waiting" - The Kinks ("You keep me waiting all of the time; what can I do?" sure hits home) "Moanin'" - Art Blakey and the Jazz Messengers (because
  5. Oh jeez... Well, it's a nice gesture to not have applicants pay for the next cycle! This whole process, as everyone here knows, gets really expensive. I don't feel that I would qualify to have my application fees waived, so the past few months have been stressful in that regard. For whatever reason, though, Dartmouth decided to waive it without me asking. I have no clue why, but I'm not complaining!
  6. Hi there! I'm focusing on Russian and German literature (if my username didn't give part of that away), and I applied to nine M.A. programs for the 2020 cycle. Good luck to all of you! Now I'm curious -- what happened at Stanford last year?
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