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  1. CRA applicants (and Peabody applicants in general), please know that the faculty at this school are incredible and i can assure you every application is looked at through a holistic lens. you will not be judged or have your application thrown out right off the bat because of your GPA or GRE score. you are a whole, multi-faceted person and they acknowledge this. that being said, peabody programs are competitive. i do know for a fact that there were over 100 applicants to the CRA program and there are only about 5 positions available. i don’t say this to scare you but i do want you all to know the stats and assure you every application is being reviewed thoroughly. i would expect nothing less from the faculty and i can personally attest to their previous performance and reputation due to my undergrad education there. i anticipate decisions for CRA and CDA coming out between the end of the month and the end of February.
  2. hey, CDA decisions will be sent out by the end of January/beginning of February. hang on. they’ll come soon. i was only sent the admission early because i didn’t get into the CRA PhD program but they think i’m fit for the master's. i also went to Vandy for undergrad and know professors there, hence the slight advantage for info. i’ll try to get more info and keep y’all posted as much as i physically can because i know the anxiety brought on by waiting. it’ll be ok!
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