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  1. Hey! Congratulations! I received an interview and campus visit invitation for Northwestern - LS PhD as well!
  2. Hi Anabanana88, I have received an invite for the event as well. I applied for the LST concentration.
  3. Hi! I have applied to the Learning Sciences and Technologies PhD at Penn GSE. Ah, I wasn't aware that this week had more anxiety stored within it. Thanks for the update. Wishful thinking mode now.
  4. I have applied to UBC as well. Is the wait till the end of Feb?
  5. I have applied to the PhD in Learning, Teaching, and Diversity Program at Peabody. What about you?
  6. Nope, nothing so far. Just I received 'Thank you for your application' again. The email text also said 'thank you once again' for the application. I mean...
  7. Anybody got acceptance or rejection emails? 7th August was the result notification date.
  8. Yes, for sure! I applied for the Digital Media one. What about you?
  9. No notification from their end apart from the automated reply. Do let me know if you hear back.
  10. Anyone applying for the 12-Month Internships starting September 2017? Any news from MoMA?
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