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  1. I received my acceptance through email yesterday and my portal hasn't updated yet either! It still says it is in "pre-screening". Congrats to everyone accepted and good luck to everyone still waiting!!
  2. To the UofA applicants, under references, when it changes from "Reference request email sent" to "Reference initiated" , does that mean that the reference has submitted their letter and all other forms? I'm getting more nervous as the deadline approaches and I just want to make sure everything is in order!!
  3. Wow, I totally feel the same! It's also my first year applying (also applied to UofA)! I'm finding it hard not to compare my stats to other applicants, especially because there are some amazing students out there. Haven't gotten any yet but I'm hoping to get updates sooner rather than later. Good luck!!
  4. I'm applying to U of A, and I'm going to submit my application within the next couple of days. Anyone have last minute advice regarding applications??
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