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  1. ummm this is really unclear. I want to say yes because they said "next step in process" and they are actually coming to you? I would respond and say you haven't received an official acceptance yet and are wondering if you can have more info on this or something along those lines.
  2. I submitted an offer that was basically the same cost of attendance saying I can appeal this and if I am awarded an appeal it’s more affordable. I said I needed 12-15 but asked for 10k. still waiting to hear back but i’ll update when I know by mid march
  3. call them because I wasn’t getting the emails from them which would include my decision they had to manually do it
  4. Myself and a few others are declining our BU offers so that may open up a spot for you! I would check in with the office and see if they can tell you how far up you are on the waitlist
  5. awesome, good luck! hopefully good news. i’ll be going to BC starting in june
  6. @NE17 ^^ my statement said pretty much the same thing, I also attached offers from another school as requested if I had any. I 100% financially support myself as my parents are not around so I don't have much to fall back on. I was very specific with numbers and explained how much I would need. I settled for a lower number rather than asking for it all to be covered but this would make it 42% off of tuition if I'm granted the amount I asked for. I would also suggest filling out any additional forms at the financial aid dept if you are requesting summer loans/work-study which I did. I would call the dept directly and ask. Im not sure about fin aid in terms of grants for grad school but in undergrad I spoke with fin aid dept and was awarded and extra 2k grant every year because I appealed it. I believe scholarship amount and fin aid dept can be different depending on the school. Again, I don't know if grants are a thing in grad school but I would plan on appealing that as well. Luckily my program is only 1 year because I am advanced standing which makes everything a lot more manageable aside from not being able to work full time hence needing living expenses loan in my case. What school are you trying for?
  7. email admissions and ask them if it’s possible and who you can contact about it. I asked for an extension until a decision has been made about my scholarship reconsideration and was given a very long extension. just explain you’re struggling to make a decision or waiting for another school, whichever is the reason
  8. I emailed admissions and asked them who to connect me to and the person who signed the acceptance emailed me and told me to write a statement and attach any competing offers (I attached the loan amount I got and explained my financial situation and how its going to change). Reach out to admissions!
  9. Just submitted mine for BC and waiting, I was told I'll hear by mid-march and asked for decision extension until then (even though I've decided to go there lol). I'll update y'all when I hear back tho!
  10. honestly same lol, I've been reading the threads and hoping for good news from CU for you
  11. Sure! I know some people who work for BAGLY( for lgbtq+ youth) doing therapy, at community health centers and hospitals, in home therapists, child therapists in RI, mental health centers in Brookline/Brighton area. So kind of all over! So mostly in MA I don't know many outside other than RI
  12. You can also take community college courses for credit if that feels do-able for you rather than another undergrad degree.Or even a 4+1 BSW/MSW. I would suggest maybe taking the GRE if your GPA is super low. Anything above a 2.9 you can still get in with good other stats. I'm sure below 2.9 as well but from others I've known that have been accepted they had 2.9.
  13. for sure leave it in and present yourself as you are. If someone won't accept you based on that then is that really a place you want to be? The only issue I can see is working in residential facility and for safety purposes but its usually a suggestion. Several coworkers of mine and other social workers have many tattoos and piercings with no issues! Don't change because the environment makes you feel as though you need to!
  14. Sure! Are you doing 2-year or advanced? I really like BC for the atmosphere, courses, and internship opportunities. I've also only heard good things from the BC MSW program and know 5+ who have done it either advanced or 2 year. I know other practitioners that have graduated from there and where they've gotten jobs. I also like the certificate options, I've been told with an MSW it doesn't matter much for a certificate but depending on where you want to end up I feel like it will help a lot, plus I just want to be more informed and learn about things that interest me! I'm not sure about BC's research in the program seeing as I don't think research course is required, which is fine for me but might be a deterrent for others. I'm sure you can take it as an elective or something. I also have a bias towards Boston 🤷‍♀️
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