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  1. Still waiting to hear back from Mizzou and Purdue. Anyone hear from these two schools yet?
  2. I have enough to do in this last semester of my MA that I'm just trying to keep myself busy so I don't have time to worry about applications haha. No word yet, hopefully soon!
  3. Got my first rejection letter from UIUC. If anyone here has applied there, I imagine you'll be hearing something soon. Now just waiting for Mizzou and Purdue.
  4. Congrats! And oof. I got my acceptance letter on the 8th of this month. Haven't received any word about funding. Guess I shouldn't stress horribly as I haven't received other decisions yet. Though, I am curious to know haha.
  5. I got mail from them too. If you took the GRE recently, and checked any of the boxes about sending your information out, that could explain it.
  6. Hello all. Decided to jump in on this thread. First round of applying to PhD programs. I've applied to the following schools, and in general, all are media and technology oriented communication tracks. 1. BGSU 2. Purdue 3. University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign 4. Mizzou So far, I have been accepted at BGSU, but have not heard anything about funding yet. I will check back in if I see any further results. Congrats to all who have received any type of acceptance, and a big good luck to those still waiting around anxiously.
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