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  1. Has anyone else heard back from Stanford?? Wondering how soon I should accept the implied rejection lol
  2. I'm feeling the exact same way... my two interviews were also stressful for the same exact reasons (grilling me on my proposed project, which is FAR from finalized/solidified) and I also feel like I bombed them. But it helps knowing that other people have faced this and also felt unprepared, and like if anyone out there could answer those questions perfectly they would already have their degree haha. & I've also felt like maybe giving up but you know you got interviews for a reason so be proud of that!
  3. I've had interviews so far with Stanford and Columbia (both Arch track) which I am surprised I got at all haha. Not sure if Archaeology vs Sociocultural faculty tend to do separate interview times/rounds though?
  4. Hi, I'm the person who posted about the Stanford interview. It was for the Arch track for clarification! Was a vid interview with multiple professors.
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