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  1. Did you receive the second 15k email from SEAS or your advisor? And in your negotiation letter did you say anything about your financial difficulties? Thanks!
  2. I attended an online chat for prospective SEAS international students and the admissions assistant said they are now extending the deadline and will not revoke anyone’s offer.
  3. Haha very interesting! Our advisors reactions were completely different and I feel like I’m getting mixed information lol.
  4. Tough I was not invited to today’s Visit Day, another admitted student kindly gave me the links so I got to watch the Funding part. However, I was completely unaware of the individual track events happened in the morning. I guess I didn’t miss out on much. But the Funding part was quite informative. My conversation with my advisor went a little bit meh. I was expecting so much more. My advisor just told me that he/she only came to SEAS a year ago, and clearly not familiar with how this program works. He/She told me that we’ll meet and discuss my curriculum ONCE a semester, when I thought we might meet weekly (my wishful thinking). And though he/she did introduce his/her research a little bit, he:she was somehow not interested in working with me. I understand that this advisor thing is assigned by SEAS based on the student’s Statement of Purpose, and the advisor has no power to choose. From my conversation with my advisor, it was clear that he/she didn’t know me and did not read my application materials. Maybe it’s different with other advisors I guess, but the conversation was a disappointment. What slightly confuses me is that my advisor spent so much time telling me about the dual-degree programs that SEAS offered. I didn’t ask about it, but he/she gave me a sense of “I’m obliged to talk to students about getting a dual-degree because SEAS told me to do so!” Is that the case for everyone else?
  5. Did anyone attend.virtual visit day at SEAS? I just learned that they forgot to invite all Chinese students. Really funny story.
  6. I hear that most classes for MES at UPenn are in the evening, so it would be ideal for part-time students. But for full-time students I can’t say.
  7. And yes, the Visit Day is on the 20th, so SEAS really needs to hurry up now.
  8. I’m so sorry to hear. I applied by the Priority Deadline, too, and heard from them last week. But still, people who applied by the First Round heard a week earlier than me, so I’m guessing SEAS is reviewing applications backwards - from later applications to earlier ones - which is confusing and quite infuriating to be honest. I hope that you and your friend can hear from them soon! Best wishes.
  9. Can’t believe that my grad school application season just ended like that. Still waiting on another Canadian school but I don’t really wanna go there, so... What I’ve been thinking this past few days is that the end of my application cycle is not an end, but actually a start. Of course I’m very excited to get into my dream school, but the responsibility to perform well in this program hit me hard. It’s amazing when a dream remains a dream, but when it turns into reality, you have this sudden responsibility to live up to your expectations and not disappoint. As I said, this is just the beginning. I hope we never forget our enthusiasm and make ourselves proud!!
  10. Finally IN at U-M SEAS. With 15k fellowship. Still can’t believe they kept me waiting for so long that I almost lost faith. But the outcome’s worth it. Was not invited to Admitted Students Day tho. Due to Coronavirus outbreak. You guys have fun and please update on your experience!! Also if you have a group chat for SEAS admits please let me in! Thanks!!
  11. Thanks for the info!! It's really helpful. If you don't mind my asking, what are some of the other programs you applied to and comparing to SEAS, how's their tuition? As an international student, I really don't know much about tuition in the US, but I guess Umich is on the expensive side...
  12. I thought SEAS application fee was waived last year, too. So this year’s delay shouldn’t be the result of that. What bothers me the most is that SEAS evaluate Priority and First Round applications together. I completed my application before December 15 and have waited more than 2 months since. Why they set two deadlines then evaluate all the applications together is what I don’t understand. But last year was the same so I shouldn’t be angry about it(?) Not receiving decisions from SEAS is TORTURE indeed. I couldn’t fall asleep last night (Friday night my time). Now I’m starting to wonder if it’s worth it to go to Umich. The tuition is just too expensive!! Are any of you Michigan residents? If not, what do you think of the tuition at SEAS? Btw, does anyone know if there are research opportunities, or at SEAS it’s mostly course-based?
  13. I was expecting to hear back from SEAS this week, too. But when I wrote an email to ask about it, the admission staff replied “you will receive an email before March”. I was shocked. Didn’t expect them to set such a late(?) deadline for admission decisions. However, I strong believe that we will receive the decision soon. Hope we can all get in!!
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