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  1. Okay friends! just got an email that I am released from the Brown waitlist.... so 🤷‍♀️
  2. Hi friends! got an email from Angela Brazil at Brown saying basically bc COVID-19, everything has been delayed for schools across the board, therefore there havent been a lot of acceptance calls made! Just wanted to update
  3. Sorry to hear about your shows! It definitely in rough out here!! Exactly- everyone is waiting!!!! weirdly makes it... easier?? to?? wait??
  4. @Bucky Waters What do your new callbacks look like? Skype?
  5. Anybody in Juilliard callbacks? What are they doing about callback weekend?? Also deep breaths 💜
  6. Me too i feel like i am in a constant state of “i hope i didnt miss the call”
  7. Just Brown! I only auditioned for Juilliard, Yale and Brown and the other 2 didnt pan out. You?
  8. I truly just want all the information that I can get so that I can *irrationally* try to make sense of the grad school universe.
  9. Officially rejected from Yale✌️! although I did not make it to the end of the day. But looks like maybe they are making some decisions!
  10. hahaha help the waiting is slowly killing me
  11. @JustWingingIt- CONGRATS! sounds like a very successful audition season so far. Fingers crossed for you!
  12. @JustWingingIt YES! For Brown too? Any other programs that you're waiting on. Welcome to the PARTTTYYYYY!
  13. Yes, what a ride! Okay that is really helpful info. Also congrats on Juilliard callback weekend, that is awesome!! Yes, when Angela called me she said that they don't extend the waitlist offer lightly, they have to use it every year, so truly... fingers crossed for us and all the other accepted actors! Hopefully everyone ends up where they want!
  14. Hey @coriver I am "Iamstressed" HAHAHAHAH. I am so happy there are two of us so far!! I am thinking the same thing as far as the callbacks weekends etc. Brown seemed to be the first school to give out offers, so the waiting is... extreme. hahaha! Here is to hoping that the people who were given acceptance offers choose another school! Rooting for them so hard. Are you waiting on other places as well? I only auditioned at three schools, so I am only waiting it out for Brown (lol no pressure at all Angela Brazil)
  15. Hello Friends! Anybody else need a support group for being a waitlister? I am currently waitlisted for the acting MFA at Brown. Anybody else know if they are on a waitlist? How is the...waiting...going? I feel #manic
  16. Okay for anybody wondering about Brown I just got a call that I am waitlisted! So I am guessing that offers have already gone out!
  17. Congrats on making it to the end of the day at Yale- that audition was tough! Nobody that I know who is waiting on Yale has heard yet. Thanks for the info about Brown!
  18. Hey! I am still waiting for Columbia (nobody I know has heard) and Brown. Quick question for you and @Bucky Waters - Trying to understand the Brown process. You both said you heard word... can I just clarify if either of you did a callback for them?
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