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  1. I do know someone who was waitlisted at LAMDA two months ago. Maybe reach out to them at this point?
  2. Officially rejected off the DePaul waitlist today (womp, womp), but still waiting for USD! Any USD/Old Globe finalists hear anything?
  3. I'm only seeing rejections from 2019?
  4. Pace is still accepting applications through April 5th! Just got an email from them today about it (thought about applying, but didn't apply). Maybe they're holding out for that reason?
  5. In the same boat re: USD. What's the deadline to accept the ACA offer? April 15th? I'm thinking you'll at least hear back from LAMDA by then!
  6. Right. The person I'm thinking of taught undergrads as an adjunct--not involved in the MFA program (besides the fact that she graduated from the BC MFA Playwriting program a few years ago). Still curious about both being recruited by Northwestern in a matter of months!
  7. That's interesting. Second playwriting faculty member from BC to move to Northwestern this year.
  8. Also, just saw that someone was accepted to Indiana University on the results page. Hoping that was you! If not, perhaps it means that decisions are coming soon!
  9. Aww, yeah. That's how this one felt. It was a two-hander (Matt & Ben), and my comedic compatriot and I had our chemistry down pat. Plus, who knew that I was born to play Matt Damon? Ha! Anyway, it's been especially painful to let it go. Here's hoping your friend gets another opportunity to rock that role! And maybe it'll come in an even bigger, better package.
  10. Thanks! That is helpful. And congrats! My partner applied to the UCSD Music: Integrative Studies PhD (which he thinks is a different admissions committee) and UCI's Integrated Composition PhD. Do you have any thoughts on which way you're currently leaning? Those are both incredible programs.
  11. Thanks! You too! Finding the patience is the hardest part.
  12. I assume that's the case, yes. I'm also in a state with high-Covid activity, so I definitely understand the slowdown. Thanks, and you do the same!
  13. Still haven't heard from: CUNY, UC San Diego, UC Irvine, UC Berkeley, University of Missouri Kansas City.
  14. OMG, yes. Proper acceptance etiquette is to hold on to no more than two (some websites suggest one!) acceptances at a time. It's both a courtesy to those on the waitlist AND to the schools as they try to line up the best candidates for the program. Your friend should absolutely do the right thing and release the third, least desirable offer (and maybe even the second). Also, the world of academics is smaller than your friend thinks. It would be so very rude to not answer an offer of admission at all.
  15. I'm not sure. There hasn't been any new info since the initial email. In the meantime, I had all performances for one show cancelled (we were supposed to open next weekend), and rehearsals for a subsequent show indefinitely postponed. At least it's not just us twiddling our thumbs and waiting by the phone--it seems like the whole world is waiting right now!
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