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  1. Just got rejected from Berkeley MDes. And also rejected from UW HCDE. Seems like I am getting rejected from technical-oriented design programs. Still waiting to hear back from MIT IDM & Cornell but as of now, I will most likely be choosing Harvard MDE over CMU MIIPS. I would have chosen HCDE over any of them so it kinda blows but I'm still grateful!
  2. Aw - my email read the same so I thought it was just a general invitation quote.
  3. Same - I interviewed and my second language is English yet I was exempt from submitting TOEFL. And the interview itself was more general so not sure if it's be a deciding factor. So don't lose hope yet!
  4. Aw I see 😥 Heard Berkeley tends to notify the rejects later so hopefully we hear back soon too 😭😭
  5. https://www.thegradcafe.com/survey/index.php?q=University+Of+California,+Berkeley Hmm yeah not sure if someone's trolling cus i too think it's very early given it has been less than 6 weeks since submission?
  6. Did u hear back from Berkeley? I haven't heard anything but someone posted receiving acceptance couples days ago
  7. No haven't heard anything... Seems like decisions have come out based on the results page... :-( did you hear any word?
  8. I have! Business background and interviewed in the past week with one of the co-directors
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