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  1. I hope most people have sorted out their offers and everyone is happy with their decisions. It's all starting to feel very real! But I have to vent: schools who never even bothered to reply are infuriating! If I'm not accepted, that's fine. But two schools never accepted, rejected, or gave any response at all. Even after a friendly follow up note to check my status in early April. That's messed up. Vent complete. Good luck to everyone!
  2. Did someone log that they got accepted to University of Missouri - Kansas City? Only wondering because I think the program at Mizzou is only on their Columbia, Missouri campus. I checked again and I don't believe UMKC has a Performance Studies PhD program.
  3. Crossing fingers for you, @thea2020 . I have a friend on a waiting list who is feeling the same way. From what we've heard, those offers often come after April 15th which can make them tricky to navigate if you've already accepted another offer. So I hope you hear something definitive before then. Activity on here seems to have slowed down. Is anyone else still waiting for offers? Maybe we can help eachother if we've heard from schools? I can start: has anyone heard from UC San Diego or UC Irvine? That's the one pair of schools that's still a mystery here. Haven't heard about any ac
  4. Hey @Modulus - first, congratulations! I think you'll really like it there. A friend recently visited the school and told me about the vibe. I asked if I could share their email about it. Here you go: hey, Athens was great! I could definitely see myself living there. it's certainly a big school, and the school does dominate the town. but I saw plenty of ways to have a life outside of school, and it seems like it's fairly easy to avoid the swarms of undergrads / bros. I got some key tips. downtown is mostly divided by the "khaki divide". this was a KEY thing to learn
  5. @promenade - Yeah, right now it's all about phonecalls and skypes! Mostly professors, but someone suggested we also talk to other students in the program, and we need to get on top of that. I only wish I could see all these towns. Although someone said to me "well, you'll be working so hard that the town won't matter much!" And I guess they have a point. Still, it would be nice to enjoy the place in terms of the culture, weather, people, etc.
  6. Thank you, @Bucky Waters ! I am cutting and pasting this and sending to my friend.... I really appreciate the response. This hits close to home since my other friend is on the wait list for a top choice. They don't want to wait until April 16th to find out if they got in!
  7. I've got an ethics question for the group. I got into a little debate with my friend who is 99% sure which offer to accept. I was wondering what other folks think: I think: if my friend has 3 offers and knows the "top 2", then my friend should turn down the third offer. That way, if someone else is on the wait list, then they might get a nice surprise in the form of a new acceptance before April 15th. My friend thinks: "I don't have to give anyone an answer at all except for the school whose offer I accept." Maybe this is a question for reddit's "AITA" thread....but does anyon
  8. Hey, @promenade - our schools are in America, but they are all pretty far from where we are. And flying seems like a really bad idea. Also, since every college has canceled normal classes in favor of online learning, visiting campuses seems pretty pointless. We're trying to at least schedule calls / video chats with people so we can get a feel for things. But we're likely going to have to make a final decision without seeing all the options. Deadlines are April 15th for all of them. But I don't imagine the world will be any better than it is now in a month. I hope you feel li
  9. Anyone else nervous about having to make a choice without being able to visit the schools where they were accepted? My friends and I wanted to visit our top choices in the coming weeks, but with flying being risky/challenging and so many schools moving to online classes, visits aren't really possible. Are we the only ones stressing about this?
  10. Congrats on U of Minn! Also: darn! I guess I didn't get in there. And I meant Ohio University, not Ohio State University. Different schools. Wow this waiting is brutal.
  11. Hello again--I got no love from my last post, but I figured it couldn't hurt to try again. Plus I'm quite nervous as I wait for some final responses. Has anyone heard from Bowling Green, Ohio University, or U of Minnesota? My friend is waiting to hear from U of British Columbia and York University--how about those? Anyone? Anything? Bueller?
  12. Hi folks! First, thank you all for posting here. Some theater friends and I have applied to various programs, and it's been really nice seeing that we're not the only people stressing about this. We are feeling the stress too, so you are not alone! Second, congrats to the folks who have gotten into programs! A couple of my friends have acceptances, but they didn't want to post about it. Superstitious, I guess? But in our group, there are still some schools that we know nothing about. So I figured I would ask....has anyone gotten responses for PhD programs in Theatre / Performance St
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