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  1. I’ve seen on some other forums ryerson has begun releasing results!
  2. Queen’s has updated that we will hear by midmay, and that April 30 was the deadline for being nominated by your department
  3. We can! I had emailed the OGS contact and the firm answer was still somewhat unclear. I just hope to hear one way or the other to know for sure my status
  4. And how vague everything is! The answer to all my questions seems to be “it depends” which is probably 100% true but does nothing to stop me always refreshing my application portal
  5. When I did some digging I saw May 11 on quite a few school websites as the “new date” for notification given covid - nothing from my own school yet
  6. It was pretty confusing! The email was titled “funding update” and just notified about a change in my package from the university itself and then mentioned “given your academic record we have put you forward for an OGS” or something along those lines, even though I had done the application myself (and we are required to anyways)
  7. I did get an email from my department that says they “put forward my application” so I assume this is the first pass that departments do before official decisions are made?
  8. Incoming Queen’s student and no news yet!
  9. @SmallBean feel free to PM me if you ever want to chat about it!! Might be helpful to compare notes
  10. With all the mess I have totally forgotten to post in here! Got in about 3 weeks ago to the 2 year program! Huge congrats to everyone! We made it
  11. A group for any potential Queen’s students next year! https://www.facebook.com/groups/2802300409851549/?ref=share
  12. @allyvs132 We should hear by May 1 either way and thats still the case thankfully
  13. @SmallBean @allyvs132 Im going to toss Carol at uoft a quick email tomorrow just asking how this may impact admissions! I can report back here if that would he helpful
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