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  1. I got rejected from UCLA, last night. I was caught REALLY off guard. My sculpture portfolio is very strong, and I have worked on a lot of high profile, beautiful public artwork. So, I looked up the types of art that comes out of UCLA. Suffice to say, if I would have been aware of the kind of art UCLA outputs, I would have never applied. I should have looked into the professors long before. Honestly, if I would have been accepted by UCLA, I still would have looked up their arts program, and would have definitely decided against attending. I think the best place for a serious artist wh
  2. I just called UCLA Art Division, (1:50pm, California time), and asked if there will be a delay on decisions regarding graduate admissions due to COVID-19. The woman told me, "No, there will be no delay. Final admissions decisions will be sent out mid-March, as planned." I also called USC/Roski, and they also said that decisions are rolling and going on as planned. However, USC did not specify any general Graduate decision time frame, as the decisions are handled by the department alone. I've only heard of like one person getting into UCLA, and nothing about anyone getting into USC/Ro
  3. I've been hearing whispers about the same thing. I don't know where you are, but here at CSUS, I've heard professors mention that they are canceling classes starting next week, and they've already nixed summer courses at UC Davis because of COVID-19. Got an announcement today stating that all events are canceled for the remainder of the semester. I applied at the last minute to the UC, so, I was expecting to get my decision super late. But all the UC's are now closed, so I have no idea what my status is. As far as everyday classes go, it's freakin stressful. I'm healthy, but Coronavirus i
  4. Anyone get an acceptance or rejection to UCLA sculpture? For me, It's either that or starting a job with the State of California this summer after I graduate. Haven't seen or heard of anyone but Art History PhD peeps getting acceptance and rejections, so far. Historically, it seems like most Studio/Fine Art people who were accepted received phone calls/emails during the last week of February through the second week of March, but I saw an outlier in April. Most Studio Art rejections seem to be towards the end of the first week through the third week of March. Art History PhDs have been ac
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