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  1. Hi everyone! My status on the uozone portal has switched from 'waitlisted' to 'under evaluation' for Ottawa University. Has anything similar happened to anyone for Ottawa or another school?
  2. Would anyone be able to suggest some GPA boosters or relevant pre-requisite courses from Athabasca University that they took? Feel free to PM me!
  3. Has anyone been accepted off the waitlist at Ottawa yet?
  4. Hi everyone! I've been waitlisted at Ottawa and wasn't accepted to any other schools so I'm trying to figure out whats the best plan for me next semester. For those whom its their second time applying and went back to school after being rejected the first time, did you register as an independent student? Or did you cancel your graduation and continued doing courses as part of your first degree?
  5. On the waitlist for Ottawa. Does anyone know how many they accept/put on the waitlist each year around?
  6. Amazing!! Congrats!! I don’t think this year will be my year. Would you mind telling me how you improved your stats/CV over the years? Feel free to private message me
  7. Last year, it seems like people started getting notified about being waitlisted and/or rejected the following Monday. I guess we should know forsure by today or sometime this week.
  8. Hi everyone! Did anyone get a call or an email from McGill today?
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