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  1. Anyone know of any programs who still have apps open and are accepting apps?
  2. Do ya'll know anything about the program at University of Alabama? I'm kinda thinking my program isn't the right fit for me and I'm from GA so UA is close to family. I'm thinking of applying there for next year.
  3. Yo! @ctbck you got this!
  4. Yo me again! A little birdie told me that the Texas State San Marcos directing student deferred? Is that true? Just thought I'd throw that out there to you humans in case ya'll wanted to look into that. My sincerest apologies if that is not true.
  5. Yo! What ya'll wearing for school? Are ya'll dressing up or dressing casual? Thought I'd ask before I look like a fool in a couple of weeks. Thanks fam!
  6. Yo again! I heard from UNCG. Big fat no go for me. Hope ya'll get it.
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