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  1. I guess im joining as the 4th person Phew, glad you guys are saying the same as me. I keep checking uVic but no change, it still reads: Under Review by Department hahaha.
  2. Quick update for any McGill MPP applicants: The office is delayed in processing a ton of applications, so many applicants will get acceptance offers after the initial recomendation letter deadline. Should hear from the graduate office in the next couple of weeks More information should come out tomrw (Thursday), Ill post if I hear anything more. Anyone heard anything from uCalgary MPP or uVictoria MPA programs yet?
  3. I was wondering the same thing. I got an email from McGill MPP with the same wording March 26th. @Yuting912 I had submitted my application end of January. Still waiting for uCalgary MPP and uVic MPA
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