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  1. Thanks so much for your very good advice. It's very nice to use some experience from people who have gone through this. I am a last semester Mechanical Engineering student and will try to get on with my current courses and have more concentration on it. At the same time I will try to strengthen myself so that I can hopefully be lucky next time and receive the award. Thanks again for the advice
  2. Hello, Is it time to lose hope and say that there is no chance for us on the alternate list to receive the offer?
  3. Congrats! That sounds great. Yes, it is very hard to wait for something that your not sure has a positive outcome. Anyways best of luck for you.
  4. After passing the 21 day margin of time for accepting or declining offers, is the chance for receiving an offer on the alternate list low? It's becoming very annoying and distressing to check the research portal every day and know nothing about your rank, chances of being offered and even time of being offered. Thanks for the help in advance.
  5. Congrats ! Feels so bad to not know my rank and how much my chances are.
  6. Hello, I reached out to the Faculty Graduate Studies of the University of Calgary where I am an alternate but didn't receive an answer on what my standing is in the Alternate list. Can you give me some guidance on where I should reach out to get the result? Thanks
  7. Fingers crossed and good luck to you. I just hope this wait ends ASAP. It's taking too long!
  8. Hi all, Congrats to those who got offered. I'm a Alternate at the U of Calgary. What are my chances? I already asked the Faculty of Graduate Studies at U of C for my ranking but got no response from them.
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