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  1. Hi! I submitted my application late Oct but I don't think my last reference was submitted until the first week of Dec. So it took about 2 months after I completed my app before I moved from "pre-screening" to "under review"
  2. I applied to UBC, SFU, UofT (Health Promotion) and UofA (Health Promotion)! Good luck everyone
  3. yes, wishing you all the best
  4. Hey! I applied to UofA Health Promotion, but on-campus. I noticed my status changed to "Under Review" last week.
  5. Hello! I definitely empathize with the constant debate between applying vs gaining more experience first. But I decided to try because well, the application process on its own is a good experience and it's always worth a shot :) I will be graduating with a BSc in health and nutrition next May and similar to you, have only had a couple of years working in admin/ comms roles for health organizations and little direct experience.. I trust that my references speak positively about me but do worry that they might not be strong in terms of relevance to the public health field. Anyways, I
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