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  1. Hello, I am in the process of figuring out which programs to apply in the states. I guess I will be applying to a mixture of clinical PhD, master programs in the states. I have been having trouble going through the large amount of schools that provide these programs and was wondering if anyone has an idea on how to do this more efficiently. In case you are wondering, I am interested in doing process-outcome research for personality (i.e., BPD) and mood disorders (i.e., Depression). This is some of the work I have been involved with in the past and would like to continue with it. Tha
  2. Hi all, I am new to the US education system and, thus, I am unaware of how to go about looking for graduate programs un the US. I've read a lot about "tiers" and to 20 schools and programs. How can I find which programs are these? I am particularly interested in working with faculty members that are doing process-outcome research for mood and personality disorders. I have three years of experience doing psychotherapy research working in a lab and I would hope to keep doing this kind of research. So, if you think you could even point me in the right direction I would really appreciate
  3. Hi, Last week I was interviewed by phone. The work being done by the professor that interviewed my is very similar to the work I have been doing for the last couple of years. The interview seemed to go well in part because of the commonalities on our research interests and experiences. At the end of the interview the professor told me that he will ask his graduate students to contact me and for me to ask them anything I wanted to know about the program, the lab, etc. My questions are these: 1. What questions would you ask at this point? (not accepted yet but given this opportunity) 2. T
  4. Hi to all, I have been looking for a place where those applying for Clinical Psych programs in Canada can talk to others in the same boat and figure out together who has been contacted by which University and when. If this works as I hope, this post will help us cope with the anxiety of waiting for schools to contact us. So let me be the first to say that no schools, out of the 7 I applied for, have contacted me yet. I'll post again when I hear from any other program (no matter if I get good or bad news). Also, if anyone knows of a similar post somewhere else I would really apprecia
  5. I've been having the same issues you've been having. That being said, I've seen a significant improvement on my verbal scores on practice tests by paying particular attention to the first 10 questions. At first I thought that these first questions were not as important as the study guides say they are, but after taking a couple of CAT exams I realize they are. In conclusion, there two important aspects for the verbal section: (1) do what you've done to prepare yourself (i.e. learn vocab and learn strategies) and (2) pace yourself. Try it and you'll see a difference in your score.
  6. Thanks for the replies. I suppose it would be useful to create a list of teliable GRE CAT practice tests that we can find online. Other than the ones that come with the prep books, which online CAT practice test would you recommend?
  7. Thanks for your reply Once. I wonder if paper based practice tests are reliable compared to the trusted CAT practice tests. I have a bunch of paper based practice tests that are included in the books I'm studying. The problem is that I'm a Mac user and the CDs or even PP won't work on a Mac OS. This is why Im inquiring about paper based tests. I suppose I'll have to get a PC somehow.
  8. Hi to all, I've been studying for the GRE for some time now. Now I want to start focusing more and more on being able to work with the time given and to achieve the score I need and want (around 1400). I am turning to practice tests and I have some paper based tests - depsite this I'm not sure how accurate the results they yield are in predicting the actual score. I know that the PP CAT practice tests are the most trusted ones... yet my question is Which practice tests have you guys used? also, are they paper based or CAT? and if they are CAT, how did you get a hold of them? I have two m
  9. I agre with the posts above. Although it appears that it is wuold be easier at first sight one has to always be cautious with these kind of tests. Another aspect to consider is preparation. Most/if not all of the strategies to tackle the GRE are out there. You know that by working hard with the study guides you will learn the strategies neccessary to get a good score on the GRE (although sometimes not necessarily). I guiss this point is actually making me believe that it is better to study for the GRE right now and write it before everything changes and we all have to starte figuring out new s
  10. IHi everyone, I'm taking my time preparing to apply for grad school and also making sure that I have good valuable experience in the field I'm applying for (clinical psych). Thus, I have started, surely but slowly, to study for the GRE. I read at the ETS website that there will be some changes on the GRE on 2011 and I was wondering what you guys think of the changes. Will they makes the test easier? harder? I guess what I want to get at is if it's better to take the test prior to the changes or after (since either before of after would not make a difference for me in meeting deadlines).
  11. Hi Everyone, I was wondering how you (those who are/will be applying to clinical psychology programs) choose the schools you will be aplying for. Obviously most of us want to go to really good programs, but how do you know which programs are the best (is there a good ranking of programs I don;t know about) and how do you decide on the "best fit"? I know this question is very general but I just want to get an idea of how people decide on the porgrams they want to apply to. Also, it would be helpful if someone can point me to a good ranking of lclinical psyc. programs. Thanks. Carlos
  12. Hi Everyone, I was hoping that you could help me out. I'm thinking of applying to graduate school right now (so that if I get accepted I would start my program on Sept. 2011), The problem is that I'm not confident that my application package is strong enough. Here are some details. Honors degree in Psychology (also a major in sociology) Undergrad GPA - 3.6 - but the last two years of my undergrad were much better. GRE Score - 1170 (V - 520, Q - 650) I've been invoilved in a crisis centre providing telephone crisis councelling for the community for almost 9 months now (and I can get
  13. Hi Everyone, So, I've posted before with some success and so I'm here to pick your brains once again. This time around I want to ask about the minimal GRE scores needed to be competitive at a decent Clinical Psychology School. I know that the necessary scores to apply might vary but I still want to ask for your opinion. What do you guys think? Thanks, Carlos
  14. Thanks Branwen dauther of Llyr. I appreciate your reply and I will look into the study guides you mentioned. They should help me a lot. It seems that most of you are against the Kaplan courses. Other than knowing that they are about $1200 I don;t know much about them. Do you guys think that they are useful? do they porvide anything not included on the GRE study guides? (especially for the quantitative section) Thanks, Carlos
  15. Hi again, I forgot to add something on my last post. I will write the GRE on the last week of Spetember. This means that I have a bit less than four months to complete the steps I outlined above. That being said, what do you think of my steps? Thanks again!
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