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    HGSE 2020

    Thank you all so much for making the wait bearable and all of the support! I'm sorry to hear of all the rejections - please don't ever forget that that doesn't take away from how amazing you are and what you're capable of! I can't even imagine how many applications there were!
  2. DaGreatCyrus

    HGSE 2020

    Same - such a rollercoaster of emotions lol
  3. DaGreatCyrus

    HGSE 2020

    I have been following this forum closely since the application first opened and it helps in dealing with the suspense and dread of the wait lol! I applied to the HDP program and have about 7 years experience as a public educator. I've also been volunteering for longer with low-income and at-risk kids in my city. My GPA in undergrad was a poor 2.7, but my credentialing program entailed full time student teaching for a year with a full time load of classes at night everyday and I earned a 3.89, so I'm hoping that demonstrates what I'm truly capable of (I had some family issues around a death that led to a severe drop in grades over two quarters during my undergrad). It seems like time's going slower as we approach Friday! Good luck to you all and I hope you all the very best! Thanks for keeping me company!
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