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  1. In the reviewer comments for my application, all three talked about both my PS and RS, so they are equally important
  2. From my experience applying to the top programs on your list, I can tell you that of all the academic factors going into biosciences PhD admissions, GPA and GRE are the least important ones. I have heard from a top 5 program director that “GPA is not predictive of graduate school success.” I was told by my own undergrad mentor that “everything above 3.5 is the same.” Most programs use GPA and GRE as an initial filter—people with GPA below a certain threshold won’t have their letters and statement read. After that, the only thing academic that matters is your research. With a 3.6/3.7, you would
  3. Your profile looks pretty strong, but from your narrative it lacks a single experience where you demonstrated strong initiative that resulted in progress. You have a shot at the five programs but I would certainly recommend adding three to five more if you don't want to do another gap year. Top programs actively try to see if you were just a robot labor following postdoc's instructions or if you were a self-motived, independent researcher. Result and first-author publications are not necessary unless you have taken multiple gap years, so reflect on your contributions in each project and emphas
  4. Heard from a student in the program they interviewed ~30 out of 600+ for 20 spots. Not sure if it's 100% true.
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